Helping people in the manufacturing field to visualize their production in real time.

Take control of your business. Integrate, produce and feel results on your hand.
People are using our solution. Each one of them uses it differently. So we've created many amazing ways to collect data, in collaboration with some of the most experienced and charismatic people we've ever known.

Full control over your business

kartano connects machines with the digital world.

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Share results with your team

No more waste of time requesting and waiting accurate information.
kartano is an awesome tool for following your process up daily, in real time. It's the best way to improve your productive processes quickly.

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Keep your information private & secure

We believe that privacy really matters. We collect as minimun personal data as possible from you. We don't sell metadata about you. And we use the cutting edge technology for encryption and security. See our privacy policy

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Explore new possibilities every day New

kartano has an app to web and also to android. It makes your life easier with information always available. We offer you all the tools to work in a smarter way.

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Enjoy a new set of options

kartano is designed for showing off the data collected promptly. There are many ways to configure, just go to the dashboard and choose the most suitable for you.

Complete view over your production

kartano is an advanced monitoring solution. Easy of use, it can integrate any machine to virtual world.

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Secure platform

Privacy matters from API to user experience. Including kartano back office operations.

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It's great anywhere

Connect the machine that describe your business and improve the output. Track progress and learn along the way.

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Free and easy for community

Whatever your favourite flavour: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Arietta or Chip. We help you to build.
As shown in kartano docs there is no hassle to get a sensor up and running.

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We build it for you

No time to create?
No problem, kartano is designed to make your life more enjoyable. We provide you a ready-to-use sensor extremely fast and simple to install. Just go to our store.

It's so easy-to-use it looks like a toy

From dirty industry to lean manufacturing, kartano collects data and shows what is going on.

It'll make a difference and pull your company ahead of your competitors.

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"Want your success case here? Be part of this awesome journey, contact us and share your idea.
With all pleasure we will work together."

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