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From manufacturing experience to partnership

Since 2014 we have been developing and testing processCLOUD and now, we are ready to start a new journey on higher leagues.

In 2017 Eduardo Hofmann, the mind and hands behind processCLOUD, joined a startup program on Founder Institute, to get support to develop and convert his idea into a meaningful and enduring technology company.

And so came Kartano, a startup with 18 years of experience of its founder in the manufacturing industry.

Kartano helps small and medium enterprises to improve processes and reduce waste of resources by providing them with precise information in real time and anywhere.


Nordics to the world

We are based in Helsinki, Finland, where ideas pop-up from snow in a perfect environment to grow startups.

Our core team

"Creativity, knowledge and passion.
It defines who I am and gives a hint where I go."
Eduardo Luis Hofmann Founder
"Seasoned professional whose honesty and integrity create effective leadership and optimal business relationships."
Be part of this dream and join us on our awesome journey
You Co-Founder
"Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and core team."
Baryoni Developer